Traditional Prayers for Anglican Catholics


Hasten, O God,
the time when thou shalt send from thy right hand
him whom thou wilt send;
at whose appearing the saints departed shall be raised,
and we which are alive shall be caught up to meet him,
and so shall ever be with him.
Under the veil of earthy things
we have now communion with him;
but with unveiled face we shall then behold him,
rejoicing in his glory,
made like unto him in his glory;
and by him we, with all thy Church, holy and unspotted,
shall be presented with exceeding joy
before the presence of thy glory.
Hear us, O heavenly Father,
for his sake,
to whom, with thee, and the Holy Ghost,
one living and true God,
be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

From the liturgy of the Catholic Apostolic Church (1899)