Traditional Prayers for Anglican Catholics


Almighty God,
we thy servants,
calling to mind the most blessed Sacrifice of thy Son,
showing forth his death,
rejoicing in his resurrection and glorious presence at thy right hand,
and waiting for the blessed hope of his appearing and coming again,
so present unto thee this reasonable and unbloody sacrifice
which thou hast instituted in thy Church,
the holy bread of everlasting life,
and the cup of eternal salvation.
Whereupon do thou look, and accept them upon thine altar,
before thy glorious high throne in heaven.
Have respect unto that Sacrifice once offered upon the cross,
once for all,
a full, perfect, and sufficient sacrifice, oblation, and satisfaction
for the sins of the whole world;
and grant unto us, and unto all thy people,
the full benefits of the passion of thy dear Son,
remission of all our sins, and eternal life.
Which things, O Lord, we seek
for all in the communion of thy holy Church;
for whom, and for all for whom thou wouldest be besought,
we offer this our sacrifice,
and present to thee our prayers. Amen.

From the liturgy of the Catholic Apostolic Church (1899)