Traditional Prayers for Anglican Catholics


That our Praying will Glorify God (Eric Milner-White)
Sanctifying Worship (Liturgy of St. James)
For the Prayers of the Saints (Centenary Prayer Book)
In the name of All Christian people (Pope Clement 1)
To be used by God (Bishop Lancelot Andrewes)
For all Sorts and Conditions of Men (Book of Common Prayer)
Good Friday (Christina G. Rossetti)
Easter Victory (St Hippolytus)
Dedication of the Day to God (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)
Approaching the Throne of Grace (From the Coptic Liturgy of St Basil)
Jesus in my Life (St Patrick)
That we may Seek God and Find Him (St Ambrose of Milan)
Incarnation (Liturgy of St James)
Prayer for our Children (Eric Milner-White)
Prayer of Hope (Christina G. Rossetti)
Prayer to Practise what Jesus Taught (St Apollonius of Rome)
Prayer for Wisdom (Origen)
To the Holy Spirit (St Augustine of Hippo)
Prayer for God's Help (St Alcuin of York)
Prayer to Remain Steadfast (St Hilary of Potiers)
Before Reading the Scriptures (Book of Common Prayer)
After Reading the Scriptures (St Bede the Venerable)
The Perfection of God (King Alfred the Great)
For the Help of the Holy Spirit (St Anthony of Padua)
To be Centred on Jesus (St. Bonaventure)
For Peace (St John of the Cross)
Praise his Holy Name (St Bernadine of Siena)
Prayer at Eventide (Henry Vaughan)
For Courageous Bishops (St John Fisher)
Prayer to do the Will of God (St Teresa of Avila)
Thanksgiving for the Church (Bishop Lancelot Andrewes)
Prayer for the Church (Archbishop William Laud)
Dedication (Bishop John Cosin)
Holy God, we Praise thy Name (Clarence Alphonsus Walworth)
Prayer of Dedication (St Francis of Assisi)
For the Unity of God's People (Centenary Prayer Book)
To the Holy Spirit (Christina G. Rossetti)
For Growth in Grace (Simon Patrick)
That we may Live in the Light (From the Sarum Breviary of 1085)
For Missions (Centenary Prayer Book)
For Deliverance from Sin (Kleuin)
How Shall I Sing that Majesty? (John Mason)
Prayer of Dedication (St Thomas Aquinas)
The Night of Tears (Peter Abelard)
For Growth in Grace (St Anselm)
Prayer for Perseverance (St Ignatius Loyola)
For Those who are to be Ordained (Centenary Prayer Book)
A Prayer for the Valley (Puritan Prayer, ed Arthur Bennett)
Thou art Worthy (Revelation 4:11)
To Rest in the Lord (St Thomas à Kempis)
To be like Jesus (St John of the Cross)
Lead, Kindly Light (Cardinal John Henry Newman)
For those Preparing to be Confirmed (Centenary Prayer Book)
Devotion to Jesus (St Richard of Chichester)
Our Last Awakening (John Donne)
Easter Victory (Eric Milner-White)
Spiritual Longing (St Thomas More)
Dedication (John Wesley)
Easter (Edmund Spenser)
To grow in God's Love (Bishop Jeremy Taylor)
Prayer of the Disciple (St Ephrem the Syrian)
For Social Justice (1928 American Book of Common Prayer)
For all who Minister to Others (1928 American Book of Common Prayer)
Dedication (Grail Prayer)
Incarnation (Richard Crashaw)
Celtic Prayer (Carmina Gadelica)
Trusting the Goodness of God (Samuel Johnson)
Covenant Prayer (John Wesley)
Trinitie Sunday (George Herbert)
Right Priorities (Thomas Arnold)
Anima Christi (Attributed to Pope John XXII)
Dedication (St Francis of Sales)
Growing in His Love (Edward Bouverie Pusey)
For Harmony of Heart with God (Henry Martyn)
For Light (Cardinal Henry Manning)
For Protection (Henry Scott Holland)
The Fellowship of his Sufferings (St Bernadette of Lourdes)
Prayer for Honesty (Bishop Thomas Ken)
Big Enough and Small Enough (Mother Teresa)
Enjoying God (Thomas Traherne)
A Prayer for the Weary (Edward Bouverie Pusey)
For God's Glory (Gregorian Sacramentary)
Pilgrimage to glory (Puritan Prayer, ed Arthur Bennett)
To Live for God (Charles Kingsley)
Prayer to be Fixed on God (Cardinal John Henry Newman)
Evening Prayer (Attributed to Cardinal John Henry Newman)
In the hands of the Lord (Charles de Foucauld)
Trusting God (Thomas Merton)
In Times of Affliction (St Bernadette of Lourdes)
Our Heavenly Mission (B. F. Westcott)
For Continued Blessing (Book of Common Prayer)
Renewal (William Booth)
The Precious Blood of Jesus (Mother Basilea Schlink)
Encountering the Lord (St Augustine of Hippo)
Before Evangelistic Preaching (Father Ignatius of Llanthony)
The Universal Prayer (Attributed to Pope Clement XI)
Trusting God with my Life (Cardinal John Henry Newman)
For Christian Unity (Abbé Paul Couturier)
For Christian Unity 2 (Abbé Paul Couturier)
Litany for Christian Unity
Heavenly Worship
A General Intercession (From the Old Catholic Friburg Ritual)
Litany of the Saints
The Communion of Saints (From the Non-Jurors' Communion Office)
Litany of Intercession (Adapted from the Book of Divine Worship)
Prayer to St Michael the Archangel (Pope Leo XIII)
Making Each Day Count for God (Edward Bouverie Pusey)
Living This Day as if it were my Last (St Thomas a Kempis)
For Knowledge of God's Will (Bishop Thomas Wilson)
Soaring into God (Edward Bouverie Pusey (1800-1882)
That we may Shine (Mozarabic rite)
The General Thanksgiving (Book of Common Prayer)
A Prayer of St John Chrysostom (Book of Common Prayer)
The Grace