Traditional Prayers for Anglican Catholics

Easter Victory

Thou art risen, O Lord!
Let all creation greet the good tidings
with jubilant shout;
for its redemption has come,
the long night is past,
the Saviour lives
and rides and reigns in triumph,
now and unto the age of ages.

Thou art risen, O Lord!
Let the quiet Altar dazzle with light;
let us haste to thy Presence
wondering, incredulous for joy,
and partake of thy Risen Life.

Thou art risen, O Lord!
Rise up, my heart,
give thanks, rejoice!
And do thou, O Lord,
deign to enter it despite the shut doors.
Shew me thy hands and thy side,
that it is thou thyself.
Send me about thy business,
servant of the living King,
the King of kings;
and hide my life in thine for ever and ever.

Eric Milner-White (1884-1963)