Traditional Prayers for Anglican Catholics

For Growth in Grace

Almighty and most merciful Father,
in whom we live and move and have our being,
to whose tender compassion we owe our safety in days past,
together with all the comforts of this present life,
and the hopes of that which is to come;
we praise thee, O God, our Creator;
unto thee do we give thanks, O God our exceeding joy,
who daily pourest thy benefits upon us.
Grant, we beseech thee, that Jesus our Lord,
the hope of glory, may be formed in us,
in all humility, meekness, patience, contentedness,
and absolute surrender of our souls and bodies
to thy holy will and pleasure.
Leave us not, nor forsake us, O Father,
but conduct us safe through all changes of our condition here,
in an unchangeable love to thee,
and in holy tranquility of mind in thy love to us,
till we come to dwell with thee,
and rejoice in thee forever. Amen.

Simon Patrick (1626-1707)