Traditional Prayers for Anglican Catholics

Sanctifying Worship

O God,
the Father of our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ,
Lord, whose name is great,
whose nature is blissful,
whose goodness is inexhaustible,
thou God and master of all things,
who art blessed for ever;
enthroned upon the Cherubim,
and glorified by the Seraphim;
before whom stand thousands of thousands
and ten thousand times ten thousand,
the hosts of holy Angels and Archangels;
sanctify, O Lord, our souls and bodies and spirits,
and touch our apprehensions and search out our consciences,
and cast out of us every evil thought,
every base desire, all envy, and pride, and hypocrisy,
all falsehood, all deceit, all worldly anxiety,
all covetousness, vainglory, and sloth, all malice,
all wrath, all anger, all remembrance of injuries, all blasphemy,
and every motion of the flesh and spirit
that is contrary to thy holy will.
And grant us, O Lord,
the lover of men,
with freedom,
without condemnation,
with a pure heart and a contrite soul,
without confusion of face and with sanctified lips,
boldly to call upon thee,
our holy God and Father
who art in heaven. Amen.

From the Liturgy of St. James (which reached its final development at the hands of St Cyril of Jerusalem around 370 AD)