Traditional Prayers for Anglican Catholics

Praise to God for Our Lady

O Lord I praise and magnify thy Name
for the Most Holy Virgin-Mother of God, who is
The Highest of thy Saints.
The most Glorious of all thy Creatures.
The most Perfect of all thy Works.
The nearest unto thee, in the Throne of God.

Whom thou didst please to make
Daughter of the Eternal Father.
Mother of the Eternal Son.
Spouse of the Eternal Spirit.
Tabernacle of the most Glorious Trinity.
Mother of Jesus.
Mother of the Messiah.
Mother of him who
was the Desire of all Nations.
Mother of the Prince of Peace.
Mother of the King, of Heaven.
Mother of our Creator.
Mother and Virgin.
Mirror of Humility and Obedience.
Mirror of Wisdom and Devotion.
Mirror of Modesty and Chastity.
Mirror of Sweetness and Resignation.
Mirror of Sanctity.
Mirror of all virtues.
The most Illustrious Light in the Church,
Wearing over all her Beauties
the veil of Humility
to shine the more resplendently
in thy Eternal Glory.

And yet this holy Virgin-Mother styled herself
but the Handmaid of the Lord,
and falls down with all the Glorious Hosts of Angels,
and with the Armies of Saints,
at the foot of thy Throne,
to worship and glorify thee for ever and ever.

I praise thee O Lord with all the Powers and faculties of my Soul;
for doing in her all thy Merciful Works for my sake,
and the Benefit of Mankind.
For uttering the Glorious Word:
yea rather Blessed are they that Hear the Word of God, and Keep it.
And for looking round about upon thy Disciples and saying,
Behold my Mother and my Brethren.
For whosoever shall do the Will of God,
the same is my Brother and my Sister and Mother.
Yea for what thou wilt say,
Inasmuch as ye have done it to the least of these,
ye have done it unto me.

The most unworthy of all thy Servants
falleth down to worship thee for thine own Excellencies;
even thee O Lord, for thine own perfection,
and for all those Glorious Graces,
given and imparted to this Holy Virgin,
and to all thy Saints.

From the notebook of Thomas Traherne (1636-1674), but first published in 1970.